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A decision was taken by the Government of India on 22 Sep, 1945, that an academy to train officers for the three Services together, should be started. No such institution existed any where else in the world at that time! Government approval was accorded on 17 February 1948. The deserted Prisoner of War Camp in Clement Town near Dehradun, was chosen as the interim location. 190 cadets (141 for the Army, 25 Navy and 24 for the Air Force) reported at Clement Town between 6- 9 Jan 1949. The training started from 11 Jan 1949.

The First Course/Batch of any training institution has a special place in its history and progress. They are the trend setters. Former cadets of the 1st Course JSW feel very privileged and proud of their lead position in the evolution of this Premier Academy, which for over half a century has been the main source of intake of officers in the Indian Army, Navy and Air Force.

This website for the First Course of ISW/JSW later NDA has been designed by Lt Gen Harbhajan Singh PVSM, Signal Officer-in-Chief Indian Army 1988-91 (a member of the 1st Course, Cadet number A/46), to perpetuate the legacy of the Course. In this way, also to honor the Institution in which the Course started its military training, the mentors (training staff) and course mates, including their families.

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