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From The Horses' Mouth

Equitation Display
     The Equitation Training Team(ETT) has always been at the forefront of NDA and has motivated the Cadets of NDA in various competitions at National and International level. The dedication of the instructors and the cadets has made this team produce Arjuna Awardees in this sport and winning medals to the country at international level. The Equitation Training aims at acquainting the cadets with the basic riding skills and makes them confident in riding alone across country. To enhance their equestrian nuances; the cadets are also exposed to learn the aspects of polo, show jumping, dressage and eventing. It is also important for cadets to gain the preliminary knowledge of animal and stable management and vet aids. These subjects are taught to get them closer to the horses and get to know about their habits in the stables. The methods of training at the team involves Theory classes, Practical training and Exposure to various disciplines of Equestrian events like Show Jumping, Cross Country, Riding, Hack Riding, Tent Pegging events, Dressage, Polo and other adventures in Equestrian sport. The Inter Battalion Polo and Spurs finals are conducted every term to give adequate exposure to the cadets in the Equestrian discipline. This adventure and sportsman qualities also imbibe courage with compassion in the leaders of tomorrow.

     The Riding and Polo club of the NDA has been designed to promote courage with compassion and a sense of espirit-de-corps compiled with leadership qualities in the members of the club. The club teaches the quality of controlled risk with challenges in the sport sanguine in everyone's life. The club is functional on Wednesday every week. The cadets from II to VI term show an active participation in this club. They are exposed to basic riding techniques, cross country riding and basics of dressage, show jumping and Polo. The Cadets are taught to ride for long duration without causing fatigue to horses. They are trained for detection of lameness, care and management of horses. At present there are 168 horses here and 09 stable sheds to house these horses.

Show Jumping
     The Equestrian Training Team has always stood out to perform the duties and to teach the essence of courage with compassion to these budding leaders. The ETT runs hand in hand for the success of the alma-mater to train the cadets in the basic leadership qualities and frame them into the bright future of our country.

     The Equestrian training imparted at NDA has always been of high order. The NDA alumni have always ensured high standard of Equestrian sport not only at national but also at international level. The recognition by the Govt of India by awarding Arjuna Awards and Medals to the number of Ex-NDA Officers in this sport is a testimony of high standard of Equestrian skills imparted at NDA.

Commandant's Retiring Room at ETT

     'A fertile mind should conceive ideas like a galloping horse. One can only plan and implement these ideas if he is amongst horses.' These are the words of Maj Gen E Habbibullah, the first Commandant of NDA - It is said that every day after retiring from his Sudan Block office; he used to come to ETT and sit in "his" makeshift office on the first floor and formulate all policies and decisions for the academy. This room still exists at ETT.

The Ceremonial Buggy

     The Double harness ceremonial buggy is the pride of NDA, it is the only of its kind, existing in the country today. The 'Buggy's existence can be traced back to 1953 and since then it has been used for carriage of the Reviewing Officer. VVIPs visiting the academy have the privilege of being ceremonially escorted to Sudan Block. On ceremonial occasions the carriage is escorted by six outriders. The NDA, also houses the Commandant's Single Harness Horse carriage. As per tradition; every Monday the Commandant uses it to go to Sudan Block office.


Polo Match at NDA Polo Field
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