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Rakesh Sharma Block

     The Rakesh Sharma Block is a stately three storey building situated adjacent to the Inter-Services outdoor museum. The main entrance to the block leads to a lobby enlivened with a vivid painting depicting the life and times of Chanakya, the great ‘Arthashastri’ of the Mauryan period. The Department of Economics and its classrooms are located on the ground floor around the lobby. The Department of Geography and Political Science are located on the first floor. The top floor of the building houses the Department of Computer Science and its air-conditioned laboratories. The block is named after Wg Cdr Rakesh Sharma, India's first cosmonaut, an alumnus of the 35th NDA. It was inaugurated on 20 Oct 1992.

Manoj Pandey Block
     The Science Block, overlooking the parade ground, is yet another imposing edifice located on the Trishul Marg. In its three storeys, it houses the Physics, Chemistry and Basic Engineering Departments, classrooms, laboratories, workshops and the Boxing Ring. The edifice is topped by a shining silver dome resting on a 110 feet high clock-tower. The dome houses a gigantic telescope installed by the Carl Zeiss Company, Bombay at a cost of Rs. 22,000. The clock tower bears a four faced clock with a 9 foot diameter dial. The local Big-Ben, marking time, punctuated by the siren, can be seen and heard from all directions. The Science Block was renamed as Manoj Pandey Block on 25 Sep 2000 in honour of Capt Manoj Pandey, the Kargil warrior who was posthumously awarded the Param Vir Chakra for gallantry in action during the recapture of Juber Top in the Battle of Khalubar.

Officers' Mess
     The mess is the hub of social activities in all defence institutions. It is also the single officer's home away from home. The NDA Officers' Mess and Institute is situated on the triangular island formed by the convergence of roads near the gymnasium. The mess was constructed in 1954 and has undergone several changes and improvements since then. The captivating tri-service brass emblem installed at its entrance was presented to the Academy by the Soviet leaders Khruschev and Bulganin during their visit to NDA on 25 Nov 1955. The mess building has a unique, horizontal arc shaped design in two floors. Its ground floor has a kitchen, dining hall, billiards room, bar, library, dance floor, lounge, TV room, family room, snack bar and cricket changing room. The single officers' accommodation and guest rooms are situated on the first and second floors. The lounge on the first floor is used for private and official parties and offers a majestic view of the swimming pool below.

Equitation Training Team
     The Equitation Lines is housed inside a beautiful complex with a red stone horseshoe shaped entrance near the Pashan Gate. It stables 168 of the finest horses, well looked after by a military veterinary hospital on the campus. The stables and the riding school are situated inside the Equitation Lines. Some legendary horses named Plaza, National Hope, Hercules, Akbar, Nargis, Prince, Princess, Pickpocket and Limelight have added to the glory of NDA. Initially, the horses were stabled under the open skies. In the days of yore, the vast expanse of terraced land had resounded with the thundering hooves of Shivaji's horses and riders. The NDA Riding and Polo team have won umpteen national and international laurels.

Trishakti Gate
     The main entrance to the NDA is the Trishakti Gate. An arterial road meandering through the gently rolling hillside bring visitors to the Pashan Gate. The road offers a panoramic view of the twinkling city lights of Pune sprawling below. A breathtaking "first view of NDA" welcomes the visitors a few hundred yards before the Trishakti Gate. Sentries of the Defence Security Corps, man the Trishakti Gate round the clock.



Aerial View of Gole Market
     The Gole Market is a quaint little shopping arcade circular in shape. It caters to the basic needs of the cadets as well as that of the residents of NDA. Among the facilities available, are general stores, electrical stores, stationers, provision stores, auto repairs, studios, tailoring shops, beauty salon, hairdressers and a boutique. It is also a rendezvous for friends and acquaintances.



A Squadron Building
     The ground floor of each Squadron consists of an elegantly furnished anteroom, billiards room, table tennis facility, a squadron library with reading room and a built-in aquarium with concealed lighting. Each Squadron has 129 cabins for cadets' accommodation (Squadrons in No. 4 Battalion have 125 cabins each). Each cabin is approximately
11' x 10' and is furnished tastefully with Venetian blinds, French windows, banister, a large iron mesh for cross ventilation, a large mirror, a cupboard-cum-chest of drawers, awriting table with book case, a shoe rack and collapsible mosquito-net fittings. For three years the cabin is a home to the Cadet.

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