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     Training is an ever evolving and a continuous process. It has been very aptly said that the more you train in peace, the less you bleed in war. In a future scenario of conflict, where the more educated will indeed be the well armed. Emphasis is laid on all round development of cadets including academics and technical abilities for a service officer. The Naval Training Team (NTT) believes in setting benchmarks in order to produce quality material for the armed forces. NTT continuously strives to prepare the NDA cadet for his future career in the Navy through Specialist Service Training. NTT also endeavours to develop creativity, improve presentation skills, inculcate a flair for Watermanship and encourage research oriented studies amongst cadets through the study of contemporary military topics and naval campaigns.

     In pursuance of the aforesaid objectives, NTT lays basic foundation on Navigation, General Seamanship and Communication to V and VI term naval cadets. The team also moulds them to transform as seafarers by providing maritime environment to the extent possible. The training is being imparted in both theoretical instructions in class rooms and practical instructions at NTT and at Watermanship Training Centre (WTC) at Peacock Bay. With a view to inculcate professional reading habits amongst naval cadets they are being tasked to submit book reviews on contemporary naval or military studies along with presentations. In addition to book reviews, a syndicate presentation under the guidance of Naval DS on military and naval war campaigns are also undertaken by the VI term naval cadets. Service training is accorded the topmost priority at NTT. Towards this end, a number of recent initiatives have been taken to ensure imparting of optimal and quality specialist training.

Personnel Transfer on Board Fleet
     Certain other value additions such as Computer aided packages, navigational simulator, chart trainer, mechanized labour saving devices and various other working and static models have indeed helped the trainer in imparting seamless training with much lesser practical limitations. This has been instrumental in improving the overall quality of training at NTT.

     The Watermanship Training Clubs at Peacock Bay are abuzz with water based activities round the year. The aim of these clubs is to impart a spirit of adventure amongst the cadets and to acquaint them with the basics of water sports. Literally carved out of the waters of river Mutha, the facility has been put to optimum use by Peacock Bay and remains the jewel in NDA's crown of spectacular beauty. It has nurtured the sailing skills of the cadets which unfurled its sails way back in 1955. The Sailing Club boasts of the largest number of Enterprise boats as compared to any other Sailing Club in Asia.

     It also holds various national, regional, inter service and club level sailing regattas. NTT has produced many a yachtsmen of international repute like Cmde Mongia, Capt Motiwala, Lt Cdr Tarapore, Lt Ashim Mongia, Capt PK Garg and Cdr Mahesh to name a few, who have brought laurels to the nation. Incidentally, all of them have been bestowed with the Arjuna award, as well. This club introduces the art of sailing and basic nuances of navigation amongst the cadets and grooms talented cadets to reach higher levels. The infrastructure, specialised training and the picturesque settings of Peacock Bay at NDA are ideal for sailing. Yachting, rowing, kayaking, windsurfing and water skiing are actively pursued as a part of club activities.

     With an endeavour to expose NDA cadets to competitive racing, numerous sailing regattas are conducted by the NTT all through the year. Triangular Sailing Regatta is one such keenly contested sailing regatta between the traditional rivals NDA, Indian Naval Academy (INA) and Naval Engineering College (NEC) cadets. This is a biannual contest staged alternately at NDA and Naval Academy respectively. Late General K. S. Thimayya, DSO, had instituted Thimayya Cup in 1959. Ever since, it has been regularly conducted in Khadakwasla Lake under the aegis of the NDA Sailing Club. The idea of conducting the National Yachting Championship at NDA was mooted in the early 1980s. These National Championships have contributed enormously towards enhancing the popularity of this sport and generating an increasing interest amongst the youth of the nation.

     An overall (versatile-rounded) personality is the need of the hour in the armed forces. It is a challenge to keep pace with the rapidly changing technology, which needs to be taken head on to achieve success in the battlefield of tomorrow. The Naval Training Team continues in its endeavour to provide the best finished product for the Navy, which remains a pride for this premier tri-service training establishment.

TS Ronnie Perriera

Training Ship Ronnie Perriera
     Training Ship Ronnie Perriera is a scaled model of a ship, designed to help naval cadets get a feel of life at sea, by creating a naval ambience. The ship with a full-fledged bridge, an operations room and even a helo deck has actual equipment from decommissioned ships to provide a nautical environment for the budding future naval officers. This stone frigate was inaugurated by the Commandant, National Defence Academy on the 16 Jan 2006 and named as "Training Ship Ronnie Perriera" in honor of the late Admiral R L Perreira, who having served as the Deputy Commandant of the NDA later rose on to become the Chief of the Naval Staff.


Enterprise Class Boats astride the Khadakwasla Lake
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