Peacock Bay

     Peacock Bay is situated on the North-East of the Khadakwasla Lake. It is the nerve centre of all watermanship training. The facilities at the picturesque Bay to train the cadets include an array of seamanship training equipments, sailing boats of all classes, speed boats, wind surfers, water skis, whalers, dinghies and cutters. Peacock Bay derives its name from the abundance of peacocks found in the area. The bay is also home to other fauna such as the deer, Lion-tailed monkeys and civets.


     The Khadakwasla Lake itself is formed by the dam, built in (1863-1880) on Mutha river, which emerges from the confluence of Ambi and Mose rivers. In 1961, the Khadakwasla Dam had to be blown, as the Panshet Dam overflowed, causing devastating floods in the city of Pune.The dam was later rebuilt in 1965. Khadakwasla Lake is one of the main reservoirs meeting the fresh water requirements of the Pune city. The Lake spans a length of 17 Kilometers and has a width of 1 kilometer. The total catchment area of the Lake is about 501square kilometers and its depth varies between 40 feet and 120 feet.

     Peacock Bay is home to the annual National Inland Enterprise Sailing Championships. Some of the most colourful competitions and activities of the NDA are conducted here. These include the 5 Kilometer long Open Lake Swimming Competition, Mock Ceremony of Crossing the equator, Away all boats and Inter Bn Boat Pulling Competition.

      Where among the valleys nestle the sweet singing birds,
Where breathes the wind in delightful symphony,
Where on the pleasant waters shine a thousand mirrors,
Where all nature is witness to a magnificent serenity.

To our precious abode Peacock Bay WE WELCOME YOU……


     The Watermanship Training Center (WTC), Peacock Bay, is located at NDA and it is only appropriate that the budding officers of our Armed Forces train under the inspiring presence of the Sinhgarh Fort, the erstwhile Kondhane Fort, which infuses tales of immortal bravery.

     The birth of Khadakwasla lake took place due to the severe droughts during the 19th century in East Pune that paralysed crop growth and prompted engineers to take up major irrigation works. Captain Fife RE of British Army recommended a high level reservoir at Khadakwasla in 1863 and subsequently carried out detailed survey and investigations. This man-made Khadakwasla Lake is therefore also called Fife Lake. The work on one of the oldest masonry dams of India began in 1869 and was completed in the year 1879 at the cost of Rs 65 lakhs.

     The Khadakwasla Dam is built as a gravity section dam and is 1.6 km long. It stands 35m in height and has a capacity of 3000 cubic feet. The dam has been built on the Mutha River, which merges into the confluence of the rivers Ambi and Mose on which are built the Panshet and Warasgaon Dams. The length of the Khadakwasla backwaters is nearly 22 kms and the width varies from a quarter to one km. The maximum depth in the lake is 120 feet. The dam has 11 radial type sluice gates, which open out into an estuary towards the city. The dam also has six irrigation outlets providing drinking water to Pune and irrigation for the villages around Haveli, Daund, Indapur and Baramati.

     Due to heavy floods in 1961, 120 meters section of the river portion of the dam broke down, causing massive floods in the city. The reminder of the same is etched at shed number one. The dam was thus rebuilt in 1962 and completed in 1969.


     The Peacock Bay is situated on the North East end of the lake and has been the Watermanship training center since 1942. Presently all practical naval training of NDA cadets is carried out here. This lake has been the nursing ground for many famous sailors, who have won laurels for our country in international championships. The alumni of this academy have won many Arjuna and Dronacharya sports awards for sailing including one Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award and one Tenzing Norgay National Adventure Award. Thus this lake has an illustrious past and we are really proud that our budding cadets will continue to bring laurels to NDA from this nursery of sailing.

     The Sailing Club was established in 1955 and holds the maximum number of Enterprise Class Sailing Boats in Asia. This club introduces the art of sailing amongst the cadets and groom talented cadets to higher levels. The club also hosts various National Championships such as National Inland Enterprise Championship and National Inland Optimist Championship.


     The Wind Surfing Club was established in 1984. Here, the cadets initially learn to balance themselves on these imported broader surfboards called Starboards, and then graduate on to advanced smoother surfboards called Alfaboards. The club has eleven Starboards and three Alfaboards.


     The Rowing and Kayaking Club was founded in year 1984. In the Rowing Club, cadets are first trained in broader beginner’s boats, which are broader and easier to balance. They are then moved to these sleeker sculls, pairs and coxless fours. In the Kayaking Club, the cadets are taught the basics of kayaking on flat bottom kayaks, which are singles as well as double seaters called K1 and K2 respectively. Proficient cadets use the Racer kayaks.


     The Water Skiing Club was founded in 1992 and from then it’s one of the most popular and sought after clubs amongst the cadets. This sport tests one’s endurance and stamina and is a fine indicator of one’s drive and determination. The cadets wear the skis on entering the water and are slowly pulled up by the speed boat using a connecting rope.


     The Watermanship Training Center (WTC) is primarily used to train the budding naval cadets and to familiarise them with the naval way of life. The cadets are taught handling and manoeuvring of boats, sailing, handling of ropes, types of seamen knots using the ropes, types of ropes and other naval subjects before passing  out from NDA. Towards this, NDA has built a stone frigate “TS Ronnie Perriera” so that the cadets get a chance to see and understand how a ship looks like, understand and recognise the various parts of a ship and get a feel of life onboard a ship, thereby simulating a naval environment so as to convert the land lubbers to sea farers.


     To provide a fillip to the clubs and to encourage cadets to take up water sports, a new changing room complex, ‘Delhi Block’, has come up that can accommodate the cadets and it can also be used as classroom where instructions are imparted to them in the serene beauty of the lake.


     A new ROR/OOW simulator with 05 major harbours of India & passage through Malacca Straits has been procured to simulate various navigational aspects of sailing at sea thus training the cadets on various navigational aspects and actions to be taken by the ship at sea. The simulation has not only assisted the cadets in understanding the subject through practical orientation but also have benefited in rendering them with firsthand experience in navigation in various sea state and weather conditions encountered during sailing.


     NDA is also the chief patron of sailing in Pune and organises National Inland Enterprise Championship (NIEC) under the aegis of Yachting Association of India (YAI). This tournament is attended by over 16 clubs from all over India, defence as well as civilian. The aim of the tournament is to develop and nurture sailing as a sport in Pune and India. The crucial role played by NDA towards this is evident from the fact that 32 teams participated in the year 2010.

     The NDA sailing club is one of the biggest in Asia and has a huge inventory of boats, kayaks, rowing boats as is evident from the table below: -

 Enterprise Class Boats
 Laser Class Boats
 420 Class Boats
 DK Whalers
 Water Skis
 Surf Boards
 Row Boats
 Optimist Class Boats

     Thus to accommodate and expand the holding of the club and to enhance the training carried out, a ‘Sloping Jetty’ is being built at the Peacock Bay. The primary aim of the jetty is to provide all weather functioning of WTC.

     NDA has provided the nation with some of its best sailors who have brought laurels to the country and this institute as well. The various laurels achieved by some of the ex-alumni are as follows: -


2002  -        Cdr HD Motivala


93- 94          -        Cdr HD Motivala, Lt Cdr P K Garg


1970  -        Lt Cdr SJ Contractor
1978  -        Cdr SK Mongia
1982  -        SLt Farokh Tarapore
1986  -        Lt Dhruv Bhandari
1990  -        Lt P K Garg
1993  -        Cdr Homi Motivala
1996  -        Late Lt Cdr Kelly S Rao
2001  -        Cdr R Mahesh

     Thus from being 'The Cradle of Military Leadership' NDA also aims at becoming the nursery of budding sailing talent in the country.


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