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Learning to cross the Ocean of Difficulties
     Physical Training Team (PTT) stands for traditions built over the years of experiment with excellence through training and hard work. Culture growing out of such traditions has moulded every generation of cadets on a uniform pattern. It is this physical fitness that motivates a soldier to march into the valley of death, an air warrior to soar into alien skies and for a sailor to sail the formidable high seas.

     Being an officer means above all, being a leader of men. Physical Training at NDA is the ideal opportunity for young cadets to learn important aspects of leadership like courage, stamina, team spirit, physical fitness, mental toughness and the will to win needed by Officers, who at various stages of their careers must be prepared to lead the smallest combat unit or advise the highest Govt official. This value system is very faithfully upheld by all the cadets of the Academy. The long training hours with close supervision, guidance and motivation provide the force for self-reliance with a responsible attitude. The physical training and sports programme at NDA is designed to allow each Cadet to achieve excellent physical fitness and acquire satisfactory abilities in sports. The compulsory physical training programme emphasizes physical fitness, elementary knowledge in a variety of sports, and sports administration.

Hard work pays
     PT programme at NDA includes a combination of physical training, building of physical and mental endurance and fine balance of swimming training with some flexibility that permits cadets to pursue interests and aptitude in sports. The curriculum provides a sound foundation for both physical fitness and professional development. The demonstrated performance in the mandatory fitness tests as well as tests of excellence with an above average strong display of skills in sports puts a cadet on a higher plane of the assessment ladder which is a prerequisite for acquiring the status of a cadet appointment. The Academy's rigorous physical training programme continues throughout the entire stay of a cadet from the first to the sixth term.

     PTT offers a range of sporting activities for cadets, encouraging them to compete against and become involved with local organizations. A high standard of physical fitness being an important part of Service life, cadets are encouraged to obtain a coaching or refereeing qualification for at least one sport. Competitions in a wide range of sports are conducted at the Academy and teams also take part in many civil competitions. Each cadet also participates in the Inter Squadron and Inter Battalion sports events. Formal instructions include the basic skills/techniques and nuances of the game, which provide the basis for another valuable dimension of leadership. However, sports are not limited to team events; excellence in individual sports is also encouraged. Participation in sport is not compulsory, although cadets are encouraged to participate in at least one sport each season, Cadets who excel in various sports and physical activities are awarded with proficiencies in the order of Merit Card, Half Blue, Blue and a Blazer being the highest. It goes without saying that the primary aim of this institution is to produce physically fit military leaders and the institution can take justifiable pride in the fact that its alumni have touched themselves and their alma mater with glory on the battle field time and again. We are extremely selective about the kind of young men who pass out from this academy. Elaborate assessment process in Physical Training ensures that those who are intellectually, physically and physiologically fit and motivated are selected to be moulded into potential officers of the Armed Forces. At the diversity level, this team offers Karate, Boxing, Squash, Tennis, Yoga, Basketball, Volleyball, Hockey, Football, Handball and Swimming for those with the right skills and aptitudes.

     Unique in its concept, excellent in vision and exemplary in its performance, the Physical Training Team has delivered on its promise for the Armed Forces of India. It is also noteworthy that the NDA was well and truly put on the Services sports map of India with coaching camps for hockey and athletics held at the Academy sports fields, a conditioning camp for the Indian Cricket team selected to tour the United Kingdom in March 1959, and a fitness-cum-medical camp for Indian Cricket probable for the Australian tour in mid sixties. Also, for the Indian Hockey Team, a two day practice session was hosted on the newly laid astro turf hockey field in Jun 2009. As a consequence, two international footballers and three national squash players are among those who walked the portals of the Academy.

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